“Mahathir was in love with Japan, now he has to deal with a powerful China” – With Emmanuel Daniel

Emmanuel Daniel is a Singapore-based entrepreneur. Daniel founded The Asian Banker in Singapore in September 1996 as a publisher of research and benchmarking, and events catering to the financial services industry. Daniel won the Citibank Excellence in Journalism Award for the Asian region in February 1999 for his work in determining the impact of the Internet on banking.
Emmanuel believes that Mahathir political life has been divided into two phases: the first when he was in love with Japanese technological growth and the second, which represent the current situation, when he has to deal pragmatically with a very powerful China. Mahathir can’t say no to Chinese investments, but he can emend the mistakes made by his predecessors. According to Emmanuel, Mahathir did it with a very pragmatic renegotiation of projects such as the East Coast Rail Link.


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