“EU and USA investments in ASEAN can provide better standards than Chinese ones” – With Erin Murphy

Ms. Murphy served as the special assistant to the Office of the Special Representative and Policy Coordinator for Burma (Myanmar). In addition, Murphy is the founder of Inle Advisory. In the conservation with her, there are three very important points: the importance for Southeast Asian countries of having a strong cohort of technocrats, which can save countries from an over-politicized public discourse, the high reputational risk of investing into some ASEAN countries, namely Myanmar, The Philippines and Vietnam and finally the need for ASEAN to have an alternative source of investments, one that can be less aggressive and more accountable than the BRI. She made clearly the case for a major presence of both American and European investments, which can improve both the standard of living of the most impoverished zones and provide a more accountable stream of investments in the region.


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