The tragedy of Venezuela: chat with Jose Chalhoub, Caracas-based political risk analyst (English)

Venezuela is on the brink of a civil war, and the news from the country are confused and deceiving. For this reason, I decided to contact a Caracas-based political risk analyst, Jose Chalhoub, to have first-hand insights from Venezuela.

After 7 minutes of the phone call via WhatsApp, Jose’s Wi-Fi connection got interrupted. I recalled him and he told me that there was the third or fourth blackout of the day. He apologized and he asked me to do the interview again, to which I replied negatively: the people must see in what kind of miserable social conditions the Venezuelan people live under Maduro.

People must stop seeing American conspiracies everywhere: there are the Venezuelan people reduced to poverty and someone still has the courage to rant about non-existent plots.


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